Calloused Hands

This is a relatively new composition compared to others on this forthcoming EP. I remember the day well when it was conceived. I had just moved to Landenberg , Pa . My recording gear was set up in a spare bedroom awaiting Captured Sound ver. 5 to be complete. I had my Yamaha P-90 piano infant of me . The mixer infront of that. Protools was up and running with a blank template. An instrument track was armed with a soft synth .I started ponding out a line on the piano which became a bass line. I added a programmed drum track.  A flute part and organ followed suit. Before I knew it I had a fledgling song that required lyrics. Behold! Laying on the console was just that. A piece of paper containing most of the songs lyrics. Words of the cycle of the universe we live in. A child grows to adulthood. to have children. To pass on their legacy to only then pass on. " Paving the way for those who follow" . The cycle repeats. As I began to sing them it was as if they were waiting for the music I just wrote. 

Calloused Hands.jpg

Eventually I got bored with the electronic drums. It wasn't my M.O. to be that electronica with my music. I employed Steve to come over and lay down real drums which enhanced the track greatly. That was 3 yrs ago in spring. The song was in queue to be included on this EP. But when Brett , Dustin , and Steve listened to my "Demo" during a session for a different song we decided we together could make it a lot better. I whole heartedly agreed. I knew the mixing of these musicians prowess would give us a product 10 fold what it was. In the end I believe it came out 11 times better. My friends...I give you Calloused Hands