I Will Sing For You

We would be rich if we had a nickel for every time, as we walk out of the bedroom door, look back at our sleeping lover and wish to crawl back in to bed with them. Many times it would have been a wise choice. But alas, this is mostly wishful thinking. Our lives do not allow for such ability to make luxurious last minute decisions like that. 

 To You is inspired by just that. The image of her still sleeping soundly..or maybe an eye cracks open with soft words of encouragement for the day.  A blatantly obvious ballad of a love song, I felt it was a good contrast to the previous song Calloused Hands. Where the latter speaks of continuous cycle ,To You is a motion to stop..if only for a few moments. 

  The recording of this song was a bit challenging..mainly do to its simplicity. Everything had to be just right. The right amount of sound and space. The right groove. The right air . This recording was done as a live piece that then was dismantled to make room for overdubs and crafty production. Matt Urban graced us with his drumming and Mike Pappas added some color with piano. Brett Kull did wondrous work on the electric guitars, organ, strings, and second acoustic. Myself played the bass, sang and played the main acoustic also adding some electric guitar licks during the chorus. The first mix we did totally missed the mark . It was evident till a couple days after the mix session. I promptly deconstructed the mix and started over. What you hear is the second fresh mix. Which was immediately better than the first..Well..its a process.. Sometimes a never ending one. 

   Next time He or She asks out of the blue to stay..Stay. Put our daily " Process" on hold..if only for a moment.