The Obligatory Plateau

       Well. We always find our way here. The Plateau. That point where it seems like you are standing still. You reached a peak. Is it the highest point? Will you be able to reach the next rung on the ladder of life? Having been on this plane of existence for a while now I am able to look back at a lifetime of events. Loss and gain. Goals achieved. Castles built and destroyed. Walls scaled. Mountains raised and crumble. Regardless time is constant and is defined by change. No matter where we find ourselves one thing is for sure is that unless your on your death bed ( who knows if death is an end) there is still potential for that next highest point to be under your feet. We grow old, but with that are blessed with wisdom . Flowers shrivel yet pollen and seed is carried to new heights. Old habits give way to new ones. 


      I think about my humble beginnings. And I see where I am now. I like to think I'm still "beginning". Looking back though I can say things are and were good. If this is my place to rest and peer out wondering, its not a bad view at all. 

     Plateau was written a handful of years ago. That time one could call mid life. Gray hair, aches and pains, thoughts of inadequacy, childhood dreams fade to adult perspective.  Like so many of my songs they are conceived and filed away until the right moment they can blossom. As an idea they are in existence. Living humbly on the shelf. Then at any time they can become something more. From there maybe something even greater to a listener. 

   Eventually like every good song does , Plateau found its way back to the forefront of my musical endeavors. Two years ago ( man its been a long time since ) I was invited by Brett to come up to Catapult Sound where he works and record Plateau and Taking Time with drummer Paul Ramsey of Echolyn  ( Brett is also in Echolyn) . We tracked piano, drums , and bass that day. I thought it was a great start to my solo recordings. But alas ,post that initial session , the progress went slow. Mainly cuz my other musical endeavors were keeping me busy. As the days , weeks and , months went by I poked at the tunes a bit here and there. Eventually Plateau found its way to completion when the recording of this EP took a leap forward. This tune is unique too the EP because sans the drums , I play and sing everything . My favorite being the EBow part in the bridge and outro. 

  Anyway, Just when I thought this EP wouldn't happen, in walked a killer rhythm section , Dustin  and Steve, to compliment what Brett and I were already working towards. Creating a musical force like none I have had yet. Once again I can say "If this is the best it gets, well then thats just fine."  "But , whats that gleaming precipice in the distance..Lets take that leap ."