Well ...Here it is. The EP as an entirety is now available. Marked by the final release of its last song No Damn Good. Im excited to share this song work with you. Poignant and provocative , revealing yet ambiguous , No Damn Good is a song that reflects a perspective of where we are today in society. I feel its up to the listener to put there own meaning to it though.  What I will say is I just love this song.  Producing it was a blast because of all the changes. Changes of attitude and latitudes ( yes a Jimmy Buffet reference. Don't judge me . Im not a parrot head) keep this song of 4 minutes and 54 seconds moving along like a well crafted prog rock piece from the 70s . A mix of moody groove and uplifting empowerment. 


   I conceived  No Damn Good  many moons ago in another place in my life. Mentally, physically ,and geographically. It was directly inspired by a line drawing cartoon , and accompanying slogan,   by William Steig. The same man who created Shrek. The picture of the man in a box just really resonated in me. I acquired a print of it from my great uncle's house when we were clearing it out after his death. I framed it and had it on my studio wall. It later became the album cover to Modern Exile's ( first line up circa 2006)  first EP. 

         It was to become also one of the last songs Modern Exile ( the latest line up circa 2013)  started to work on. Alas the band broke up and it was never finished. It was a song I new would really pop if it was produced right. I think we did a bang up job with it. With the help of Steve , Brett , and Dustin two additional parts were added to the "old" arrangement creating a bridge of sorts to contrast the groove of the other main parts . It was recorded live  , like all of these songs , and some performances were kept from the live take , the bass and my original guitar part , the rest were overdubbed. 

      If anything this song just grooves and rocks and grooves..I cant help but dance to it..I hope you also get the jitterbug from it.